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trip report

Korean Air is very nice. Good food, attentive flight attendants, electrical outlets under every seat, and some crazy entertainment system that I would've taken advantage of if I hadn't been trying to sleep.

I've seen people on some forums whining about people mentioning attractive flight attendants as a plus for an airline. If they would prefer old bags that act like you've inconvenienced them for making them do their jobs, they can take all of them.
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Safari crashed again

This time it wasn't the usual hang, it just straight up crashed without even a "...unexpectedly quit" dialog.

I've confirmed it's definitely history-based, because everything came back this time when I did "restore all windows from last session".

I wish I'd known about this prior to the previous two or three times. Lesson learned: first thing to do after reinstalling if you ever have to is set Safari to manually remove history items. Dumb.
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Deer ??, mdl 0

There's a windy stretch of road near my old house that snakes through a nature preserve which, in addition to shaving a few minutes off a certain route, is more fun to drive, and at night it's completely dark apart from possible moonshine and starlight. I was heading through at a decent clip, maybe ten miles over, pretty much what everyone who's not a grandsomething does along that road. Winding through a nature preserve, wildlife occasionally jumps out from either side at an inopportune moment, sometimes small, sometimes large.

This was one of the large times.

There was literally no time to brake as a buck leaped in front of my car. I saw a giant spray of headlight plastic and then a decided lack of deer. I wasn't sure whether to turn back or just to keep going--what could I do either way? I didn't feel particularly guilty because there was nothing I could've done to have avoided it short of driving well under the actual speed limit anyway.

I went back about twenty minutes later and the deer was gone, so as far as I'm concerned the deer won because I'm stuck with a slightly dented body (no paint scratches, though) and wheel well and a ton of deer fur stuck in various bizarre parts of the car one would never expect to find it in such an occasion.
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Facebook is kind of awful

I signed up on Facebook maybe a few months after it started when I was at Stanford's summer thing. It seemed like a neat idea then because it was MySpace except it didn't allow people to stab you in the eye with CSS.

Now, it just kind of creeps me out. It was exporting my LJ-imported "notes" to everybody--not just friends or friends of friends--because it buries the option to configure that under a privacy page that doesn't show up at all from the main privacy settings page and it defaults to everybody.

So, between that and the way it already attempts to use every other piece of personal information you volunteer to spin up obnoxious (describes all advertising) and tasteless (describes most advertising) "targeted" ads, I've killed the note importing. It's not even that I'm concerned about privacy--of course no human will ever look at whatever Facebook has collected on me--I just don't like the purpose for which they're doing it, and it bothers me that they started with certain defaults for what information random people could see and have since changed them to allowing people to see nearly everything unless you specify otherwise.

As a fun example that's not related to the notes functionality but could very well be if they were to start doing some sort of AdSense-like shit, one of my friends noticed that he suddenly started getting tons of dating ads when his relationship status changed back to single.

I don't think a clever comment is even necessary.
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gate out

I'm going to Hong Kong for a few days, and then GLORIOUS NIPPON for two months. I guess I actually have to care about, like, employment or something after that.

(If anyone has any recommendations for stuff to see or do in either country, please comment. I've been to Japan once and visited Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe, and I'm certainly going to spend some time in Tokyo again, but I'm hoping to see as much of the country as I possibly can from bottom to top, so it doesn't matter where the things actually are.)
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My other favorite OS X bug

Hey man, I see you're trying to wake me out of the screen saver. Sorry, I don't fucking feel like it. I'll just completely freeze (except for the cursor, which will probably beachball) and you'll have to restart. Also, I won't let you ssh in so you can kill the screensaver, but I'll keep responding to ping just to fucking piss you off.

How is this even remotely acceptable? How has this not been fixed for years? And no, it's not a hardware problem, because it's happened on every Mac I've used for any length of time.

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Safari, continuing Apple's proud tradition of not caring about your data

Safari crashed again, this time taking 95% of my tabs with it, restoring them as untitled. That's over a month (two months? I don't even know) of mental state gone. Thank god it remembers their count and which window they were in, that'll be very helpful in remembering what I had open.

My guess is that it pins tabs to history entries, so when it decides to clean them out, sorry, you're fucked, but this is just a guess; never mind how it'll fuck up in even weirder ways if you use private browsing ("so don't" being the only apparent solution).

It just crunched and ground away for a good ten minutes when I restored it as a nice added insult, probably furiously vacuuming sqlite so as to ensure I definitely will not be able to restore any of them.

I'm fucking done with OS X. The original plan was to just stick with it for music stuff, but I really hate dual booting, so I end up spending a lot of time in it anyway. Unfortunately Firefox continues to be sluggish, unstable, and feel non-native on OS X so I continued to abuse myself with Safari. I should just use bookmarks instead of opening untold numbers of windows and tabs, yes, but even more importantly the fucking piece of shit program should do its fucking job and restore its state after it inevitably shits the bed, which Firefox is capable of doing no problem. Firefox will even restore your goddamned form input and back/forward state for the tab. Safari can't even manage less than that. Perhaps different people work on WebKit as opposed to the browser itself, since that seems fairly competent.
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Why attempting systems programming on OS X is a waste of your time

Do you enjoy piles of unintelligible code written without any regard to consistent style? Do you like documentation that's worse than non-existent? Do you like worthless samples that you can't compile because Apple hasn't thrown all the headers and/or libraries and/or tools over the wall that are needed to actually build them? Do you like the idea of a second-system effect poster boy for interacting with hardware that manages to be even more hideous than ioctl? Do you like the idea of a decrepit kernel trailing both Windows and Linux in most regards based on technology proven to have failed in 1990 and kept around for mostly political reasons? Do you like having nobody from which to get help because most every other Mac developer is a clueless wanker writing insultingly simple applications and selling them for $25+? If so, you may enjoy OS X systems programming!

Stay tuned for "Why attempting applications programming on OS X is also a waste of your time," featuring yet more private APIs, lousy documentation, and a general experience that makes raw Win32 look like a good time.